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This pouch is perfect for storing everything from loose change to pretty hair accessories, like the ban.do Print & Shine Bobbi Set.


Birchbox Breakdown

The inside of our go-to bag can be something of a black hole. You usually have to give us a minute or five while we dig around to find our missing hair tie, favorite lip balm, and keys (for the millionth time). But all that rummaging around is a thing of the past thanks to this sleek little pouch. Roomy enough to store all the essentials but still small enough to fit into our evening clutch, it’s the stylish solution for keeping our odds and ends at fingers’ reach.

How it Works

This funky, ultrafunctional canvas pouch includes a handy gold-plated key ring so you can easily carry it around on its own while you’re out running errands. The playful goldtone “Have Fun” charm adds an extra eye-catching touch to the pretty black-and-white pattern.

How to Use

Stash lipstick, credit cards, I.D., and phone and you’re ready for anything.

canvas or leatherette pouch

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Adorable, but much smaller than I thought.

Originally, I had planned on using it to hold make up in my purse, however, being as though it is smaller than a dollar bill, I just use it to hold tampons. Its still adorable though.

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Would have been 5 if "have fun wasn't broken"

After seeing the "power trip," I knew I needed it for my iPad mini retina but you ran out and so did ban.do, but they got more before the start of June & I was able to use a 15% off coupon, and became matchy- matchy by getting a duo of nylon zippered bags w/the smaller having this zig-zag pattern. Then, knowing you had this & I loved the charms (especially "have fun" but it came broken in the middle of the letter "v, " and I didn't notice until after using. I tried to reconnect w/superglue & it took MANY attempts to work, but then snapped again & in two places. Finally I got it all glued together (I won't hold my breath) and used pink nail polish to paint over so you couldn't see where I glued. It looks cute but I fear it will break. According to my dad it's plastic inside w/ metal just on outside. It's really cute w/ their heart pattern inside, I used it to keep mini cosmetics on a day out. I might keep my matching earphones (forgot I got them too from ban.do). I just love the fun vibe they promote (hence why I HAD to fix "have fun") just hope it never breaks again!!!

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Love it!

This coin pouch is absolutely adorable! I ordered it for my sister, and now I will be ordering myself one!

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