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For more globally conscious style, check out the FEED 10 Bag with Burlap Pouch, which provides 10 school meals to children globally.


Birchbox Breakdown

We’re all for repurposing our paper shopping bags—but we consider ourselves lucky if the handles don’t break in the midst of lugging our stuff around. This laid-back cotton tote is a welcome alternative. Lightweight and surprisingly sturdy, it also has a heart of gold: With each purchase of this bag, FEED donates 100 vitamin A supplements to children and pregnant women in need. Now that’s a cause we can rally behind.

How it Works

We think this design is pretty genius: the entire 15” W x 15” H cotton bag zips up into the burlap bottom, making it easy to stash just about anywhere. And FEED’s mission is an important reminder every time we use it. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children—the key word being “preventable.” Donating vitamin A supplements can directly impact countless lives all across the globe.

How to Use

Carry this cute tote alone or fold and zip up the bottom to turn into a compact burlap pouch. Great for trips to the grocery store, pool, or mall.

Organic cotton, natural burlap bottom

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