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Gorjana Carina Midi Ring Set - Gold - Size 3 Gorjana Carina Midi Ring Set - Gold - Size 4

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  • $35.00
  • Split ring: 3/16 in. wide; Heart ring: 1/8 in. wide   
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Birchbox Breakdown

We tend to wear our heart on our sleeve (or around our neck or our fingers), so it’s no surprise we fell for this sweet midi duo. One half of the pair is a delicate band with a heart charm, and its match, an edgy split ring to strike the perfect balance between sweet and not-so-sweet.

How it Works

This 18 karat gold-plated set includes a thin band with a heart charm that measures ⅛ inch wide and a split ring that measures 3/16 inch at its widest point.

How to Use

Wear the set on one finger or separate the two. You can even gift one to your best gal for a midi ring take on the traditional friendship bracelet.

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