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France Luxe Floral Rhapsody Bobby Pins - Purple/Green France Luxe Floral Rhapsody Bobby Pins - Pink/Green France Luxe Floral Rhapsody Bobby Pins - Orange/Blue

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Ouch-free headbands are now a reality with France Luxe’s Ultracomfort Headband.

France Luxe

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  • ½ in. wide x 2 ½ in. long   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Bobby pins are good for more than just growing out our bangs. We’re going clip-crazy over these mod florals from hair accessories line France Luxe—they’re an instant (and fool-proof) boost to our everyday ’dos. Goodbye to the plain brown and black bobbies of our style pasts—hello to the 60s-inspired prints of our future.

How it Works

Handmade in France, these glossy pins are adorned with iconic Liberty of London floral patterns to add color and style to your look—and keep your hair out of your face, of course. Available in orange and blue, pink and green, and purple and green floral patterns.

How to Use

Pin back bangs or loose layers, or add a pin to adorn your ponytail or updo.

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