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You have multiple gym outfits—why not multiple headbands? Check out the Stella Polka Dot Sport Headband for an equally stylish option.

Pink Pewter

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Birchbox Breakdown

Working up a sweat needn’t involve having wisps of hair blown into your face (or sweat trickling into your eyes). Enjoy a hassle-free workout with this versatile headband. Made from ultrasoft, stretchy fabric that’s designed to wick away moisture, this brightly patterned piece is both functional and pretty. A great alternative to hair clips! (We’re always misplacing those.)

How it Works

These colorful headbands are made from moisture-wicking microfiber fabric, so they’re perfect for working up a sweat.

How to Use

Don this headband before your next yoga class or date with the stationary bike. Or, just wear it around town for a fuss-free style.

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