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Chamak by Priya Kakkar GIA Gold Square Cuff Chamak by Priya Kakkar GIA Rose Gold Square Cuff Chamak by Priya Kakkar GIA Silver Square Cuff

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Feeling fancy? Add some glittering Swarovski crystals to your arm party with the Hallie Double Banded Rose Gold Cuff.

Chamak by Priya Kakkar

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Birchbox Breakdown

Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to “be there” and “be square” at the same time. All you have to do is slip on this Double Banded Square Cuff before heading out the door. Crafted from shimmering metal and inspired by New Delhi fashions, the geometric design gives this piece a uniquely modern edge. Let’s just say that it plays up your best angles.

How it Works

This stylish cuff—available in gold, rose gold, and silver—adds a hint of party-ready shimmer to your wrist.

How to Use

Wear alone, or stack with your other bangles.

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