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Looking for a new wear-all-the-time piece? Try the Plymouth Necklace.

For the Makers

Birchbox Breakdown

For the Makers’ Lucia Necklace makes us think of warm weather and highly coveted beach days. Sigh. Score this delicate capsule of nostalgia and fill it up as you wish: From the included shimmery Swarovski stones to a handwritten personal mantra. For the Makers provides the vial, stones, and chain—it’s up to you to make it yours.

How it Works

Apart from a flat nose pliers and paper and pen, For the Makers supplies everything you’ll need to create your very own container necklace. Add to this cork-topped piece a personalized note-to-self or, as a gift, a letter of love and affection for a special friend. Customize as you like and master the basics with their turnkey tutorial here

How to Use

A personalized piece like this demands little, if any, accompaniment. Jewelry-wise, simple stud earrings are all you’ll need to complete your look.

glass vial with cork top, mix of vintage faceted stones, gold-plated 18” curb chain

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:( sad day

I was very excited about this necklace but I wore it once and it fell out of the cork and broke! I'm going to have to figure out if I can save it or just take the loss.

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Great fun necklace

My new favorite necklace. Easy to make your own. Easy to put together. Only wish small pieces of pretty paper would have been included to write notes.

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