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Put your elephant to work with by boe's Knotted Leather Ring.


Birchbox Breakdown

Add some serious sparkle to your dressing table with this lustrous brass elephant, almost as useful as it is cute. Sized to hold spare rings (slip them over the elephant’s trunk!) and earrings, the evidence of superb design and careful craftsmanship shows in the small sculptural details and the hue of the hand-polished brass. Get one for yourself and one for your best friend; they’ll endure over the years as your friendship does.

How it Works

Every elephant is sand cast in solid brass then polished by hand. Because of this process, the brass will age naturally, like a fine wine, and develop a rich natural patina.

How to Use

If desired, buff out smudges and scratches with a drop of brass polish and a microfiber cloth.

Hand-polished brass

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fun to put your rings to sleep

finally a fun place to put the jewelry you care most about! If they go to the same place every night- you won't lose it, right? I love the gold tone, really in right now. And the elephant sends a fun message of good luck and fortune. Also, this piece has a good weight and it's a good size (like the size of a tennis ball) to it so Its not going to fall over and drop your rings.

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Lucky Rings

Elephants are a sign of luck. I tend to lose my smaller pieces of jewelry, including my rings, on the regular. This lucky little guy would be inspiration and a great reminder for me to place my rings on him at the end of the day. How cute is this Dumbo!

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Beautiful piece

I bought this item because of my love for elephants!! It's actually great quality and looks beautiful!! I sit it on my sink to place my earrings and rings on it at night. It's perfect!

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