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Skinny Black Diamond Teardrop Stackable Ring - Size 6 Skinny Black Diamond Teardrop Stackable Ring - Size 7

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Want this stunning shape in another shade? Scoop up the Skinny White Opal Swarovski Teardrop Stackable Ring.


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Birchbox Breakdown

The prospect of a black diamond ski run would have us in tears (we’ll be on the bunny slopes, then meet back at the cabin for an après-ski). But this teardrop-shaped, black diamond-like sparkler has us smitten. The smoky Swarovksi crystal in an unexpected cut would elevate the look of any stack of rings—and is more than eye-catching enough to wear alone.

How it Works

A teardrop-cut Swarovski crystal—with the look of a black diamond—is surrounded by a sleek gold-plated brass setting. But don’t confuse delicate with demure: A textured band gives the style added interest and edge.

How to Use

Let this ring stand on its own, or stack with other rings for an even bolder statement.

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The black diamond ring is definitely better quality than the opal, but it's still overpriced, cheaply-made fashion jewelry. There's no weight to it at all and sure, some may like that, but the description makes it seem like it would be more luxurious than it actually is. It's priced about twice what it should be.

I fully expect the color to rub off the band within a week and my finger to turn green with even minimal wear.

Caveat emptor

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Looks great alone

This ring is a little eye catcher. It has enough sparkle to hold its own and is good quality. Super cute.

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