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Skinny Gold Baguette Stackable Ring - Size 6 Skinny Gold Baguette Stackable Ring - Size 7

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Toss on a pair of Skinny Brass Swarovski Round Stud Earrings to round out your look.


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Birchbox Breakdown

We’ve been known to walk past nearby bakeries for the express purpose of salivating over oven-fresh, golden-crusted baguettes—and even so, we think this ring, with its golden baguette-shaped center stone, is yet more droolworthy. The gold-on-gold look is delightfully modern, and the stone’s stretched-out shape adds extra dimension to the dainty band—plus makes fingers look longer and slimmer. (Let’s see a regular baguette do that.)

How it Works

A thin gold-plated brass setting surrounds a gold-toned Swarovski crystal, cut in a classic baguette shape.

How to Use

Wear alone for a dainty statement—or stack rings on either side, filling out the baguette crystal’s protruding profile.

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