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Need to send someone a thumbs up or pat on the back? Get the Birchbox exclusive Congrats Card Set.

Rifle Paper Co.

Birchbox Breakdown

These days, we’re so busy we’re hard-pressed to remember our own birthdays, let alone anyone else’s (thank goodness for Facebook, right?). When someone’s special day catches you off guard, be prepared with this set of birthday cards—with eight different designs in this Birchbox exclusive set, there’s bound to be one for everyone.

How it Works

Keep a box of these celebratory blank cards at the ready for sending quick but thoughtful birthday wishes. The set comes with eight assorted cards and matching envelopes.

How to Use

With the interior blank canvas you can be as funny or endearing as you like. If you’re sending the card in the mail, don’t forget the stamp!

Natural white cover paper

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Like some, not all

I really like this stationary. The paper is well made and the designs are really cute. The thing is, I don't like some of them very much, but I love others. I wish I could buy a whole pack of the print I like.

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Great for sending to friends!

Purchasing a set of these adorable cards is way cheaper than buying individual (lame) cards at the grocery store. I love the variety chosen by Birchbox here—there's a style perfect for all of my friend's personalities! I can't wait to send them out.

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