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Triple C Designs bluCUBE Blue Tooth Speaker - Kiwi Triple C Designs bluCUBE Blue Tooth Speaker - Marrakech

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Triple C’s Meggabeats iPhone 5 Amplifier lets you pump up the volume—no wires or batteries required.

Triple C Designs

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  • 1.75" H x 1.75" W x 2" L   
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Birchbox Breakdown

If the aughts had a theme song, ours might be J. Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud”—and let’s be honest: We still like to turn the music up. For those moments, there’s Triple C’s Bluetooth-enabled speaker. Small enough to stash in your purse, but powerful enough to kick things up a few decibels, it also adds some glamour to your impromptu dance party.

How it Works

This compact cube comes in tricked-out patterns, has enough juice for seven hours of play time, and works with all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices—from a distance of up to 30 feet.

How to Use

Enable your Bluetooth capabilities, detect the bluCube, and put on your favorite playlist. When the power runs low, just use a USB cord to recharge via a computer or power adapter.

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Adorable, tiny & works!

I purchased this based on the review here. She said the sound was good but it's still better than I expected. I love the "rubbery" lining on the bottom so it doesn't slip and slide on the table. I can have my cell with me anywhere in the house and control the music and would from it rather than the cube/speaker. I love the color and it's MUCH smaller than I expected. Imagine a large ice cube! Happy!

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Love this!!! My fav iPhone/iPod speaker

I got one of these over the summer and love it! It has amazing sound And is durable and portable.
The only negative thing I could say is the 30 feet thing has not been true for me. However, it is still well worth it... Not yo mention I paid $50 so the current birchbox price is a bargain.

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