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Feeling more sweet than spicy? Try Arquiste’s Aleksandr, a blend of neroli, violet leaf, fir balsam, and Russian leather accord.


Birchbox Breakdown

It’s often said that certain scents can take you back to a specific time and place. For Anima Dulcis, we’ll have to go back, way back (like 1695 back). Like all of Arquiste’s unisex fragrances, this scent is imbued with historical significance, paying homage to a 17th-century Mexican convent where the nuns were renowned for their spicy hot chocolate recipe. The sweet-yet-savory scent takes you to that bygone era, evoking the complex brew of cocoa infused with assorted chilies.

How it Works

A blend of cocoa absolute, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon, and chili infusion notes creates a spicy, wood scent.

How to Use

Spritz pulse points—wrist, elbows, and neck—when you feel the urge to travel back in time.

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Sexiest cologne I've tried

This cologne is one of the most sensual colognes I've tried. It starts out strong and spicy, but slowly mellows out to the subtler notes, leaving you with something that lingers in a good way -but a different way-hours after you wear it.

I never noticed the chocolate smelling note; I caught the spice, which smells of Chilis, yes, but also of vanilla and a touch of patchioulli.

If you're looking for a smell they'll remember you for, take the plunge and get this.

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Something different

This scent is not like anything I have come across before. It is really sweet, a little too much for my liking. It is something different though and a nice change from your typical scent.

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Too strong

I liked the smell just fine, but it was a bit too strong for my liking. If it were a little more affordable I would consider for a change of pace...

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Warm and spicy

This is a delicious, spicy fragrance with notes of cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and chile. It's a sophisticated unisex gourmand, and not overly sweet. Wonderful cold-weather scent. I love it.

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