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If you like your chocolate sweetened to taste, try the back-to-basics Single Origin Cocoa Powder.

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Each one of these meltable chocolate morsels is the culinary version of a happy pill. Sourced directly from farmers in Cortés, Honduras, the cocoa beans in this sweet treat are of the purest stripe. Melt one down for a brew so rich and delicious, it will haunt your dreams (in the most delectable way possible).

How it Works

Three simple ingredients—cocoa beans, organic sugar, and cocoa butter—go into these made-for-sipping morsels. Each container contains 8.5 servings.

How to Use

For the perfect sipping chocolate, drop one of these tablets into 4 tbsp. hot milk or soymilk.

Cocoa beans, organic sugar, cocoa butter (made in Askinosie’s factory).

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More please

Drinking chocolate has got to be the best, followed by standard hot chocolate. What is the difference? The amount you drink and the fact that drinking chocolate is so thick and rich. You honestly don't need that much. However if you want to spread it a bit thin, prepare (fully) then add more milk to taste. A splash of sherry is good too.

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Great gift!

I gave this to my husband as a stocking stuffer and he loved it! He loves rich cocoa and said this was some of the best he'd had!

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Good chocolate

I ordered this because I miss a particular thick chocolate drink from a coffee shop that was discontinued years ago, and I am constantly trying to find something similar to it :) This isn't quite that, but it's pretty good! I am not sure I'm getting the ratio of milk to chocolate right (I don't have a fluid ounce measuring spoon nor do I have a kitchen scale to get exactly 19 ounces of chocolate), but I'm doing about 4:1 tbsp milk:chocolate. I'll keep playing with the recipe. In any case, it definitely beats out packaged powder hot chocolate mix!

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