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For a long-term stay we recommend Molton Brown’s Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash, a cult favorite, that relaxes muscles and boosts circulation.


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  • Bag: 14.5 x 19.5 x 10.5cm; Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower: 3.3 fl oz, Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion 3.3fl oz, Inspiring Wild-Indigo Bath & Shower 3.3fl oz, Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo 3.3fl oz, Indian Cress Purifying Conditioner 3.3fl oz, Nurture Desert Bloom Intensive Hand Cream 0.5fl oz   
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Birchbox Breakdown

A well-balanced beauty routine never takes a vacation. Whether you’re headed around the world or down to the gym, bring the best of Molton Brown with you via this lovely and brightly colored kit. The pretty lavender travel bag comes stocked with six TSA-friendly essentials to keep your skin and locks picture-perfect long after takeoff.

How it Works

To keep your skin squeaky clean, this kit includes two travel-sized bottles of shower gel in Molton Brown’s signature scents: Heavenly Gingerlily and Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod. And to keep your complexion clear, clean, and hydrated, there’s Skinfresh Facial Wash and Moisturizer. Tresses get plenty of attention too, with the Lili Pili Hair Wash and Conditioner.

How to Use

Grab and go. Toss the kit into your gym bag or suitcase for a portable version of your at-home regimen.

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smells good

I've been wanting to try Molten Brown products for a while so I picked up this set. At first I didn't care for the shower gels scents. I thought they smelled masculine like men's cologne. After relaxing in the tub for a while I grew to like them. I think they contain more essential oils than typical women's shower gels so they are more relaxing.
My only complaint with this set is that I wish it contained more shower gels to try and each shower gel is quite small for the price.

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Love molton brown products

Love this travel sized kit! Great smells and everything you need when traveling ! Discovered this brand in the uk and continue to recommend to all! Perfect for keeping in suitcase so it's ready to go!

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Molton Brown has heavenly scents that last and last! Which is a great plus if you want to feel like you are in familiar surroundings -or if you just want good scents. This set is expensive and not sure its worth it. Maybe a larger size would be more economical...

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