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Like a true pro, always have a spare around: get the beautyblender® PRO double.

Birchbox Breakdown

Just because you’re not working makeup magic behind the scenes of a photo shoot or fashion show doesn’t mean you can’t apply your own products with artist-like precision. Get your hands on this complexion perfecting set, which includes a single black beautyblender® PRO and solid version (read: travel-friendly) of the brand’s lavender-scented blendercleanser®.

How it Works

Unlike traditional sponges, the soft texture and elliptical shape of the beautyblender® allows foundation to blend into skin with a natural finish and no streaks. When saturated with water, the sponge will expand to twice its size, making it easy to cover your whole face and still get into all the nooks and crannies. Using the sponge damp prevents it from absorbing excess foundation, so you won’t be wasting any makeup. And the black color of the sponge means it’s stain proof, so not only is perfect for foundation, but is great for self-tanners and bronzers, as well. Use the soy-based blendercleanser® to clean your tools regularly and keep them in pristine condition, as well as dissolves any dirt and debris trapped in your brushes and sponges. This solid version is perfect for tossing in your carryon or makeup bag.

How to Use

Saturate your blender with water and squeeze out excess. Pick up a small amount of foundation with the blender and apply to your skin with a tapping motion to distribute and blend. Use the pointed end of the sponge to get into small areas near your nose and eyes. To clean your sponge, saturate it with the solid blendercleanser®, work into a mild lather, and rinse in warm water.

latex free, non-allergenic, and odor free

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