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Even though it is practically weightless, this nylon tote is super sturdy: use it for books, groceries, beauty products — anything!

Birchbox Breakdown

We’re all about making small changes that have a big impact. Here’s one: ditch the plastic bags. They’re not cute and they’re terrible for the environment. Snag one of our handy Baggus instead — they fold up teeny tiny, come in three snazzy colors (gray, purple, and florescent orange), and will last you long after April is over. Plus, you get to show your Birchbox pride!

How it Works

Each Baggu comes with its own little pouch, which is easy to slip into your bag. Simply unfold, use, refold. Repeat.

How to Use

This little guy is your new best friend. It’s small enough to fit inside the smallest handbag and can be whipped out at a moment’s notice to transport Greenmarket produce, books, or even that brand-new pair of shoes you can’t quite afford.


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