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When you travel, use the case to store skincare essentials like the bliss that's incredi-"peel"! + fabulous foaming face wash.

Birchbox Breakdown

You’ve taken the time to hunt down the products you now consider your beauty regimen essentials, so keeping them in just any makeup bag won’t do. Store your favorite discoveries—that perfect red lipstick, your go-to liquid liner, a small brush, and more—in this Diamond Cosmetic Case. A Birchbox exclusive, this gem has a navy and white diamond pattern reminiscent of the Birchbox logo, with mint accents.

How it Works

This promotion is no longer available. In order to return any item in your order, you must also return the Birchbox Diamond Cosmetic Case.

How to Use

Toss in your beauty must-haves so you can be ready at a moment’s notice.

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