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To get most long-lasting curl, use this tool with blinc’s mascara. Regular paint-on mascaras weigh lashes down, but blinc’s innovative formula forms teeny tubes around each curled lash that act like a cast to hold the curl in place for longer.

Birchbox Breakdown

We’re not going to lie: The idea of putting anything heated near our eyes makes us a tad bit nervous. But leave it to blinc, the innovative company known for solving beauty problems, to make a heated eyelash curler that is beyond safe and effective. Instead of using the traditional clamp design, which can pinch skin and dent and damage lashes, this heated comb brushes lashes into a curl that lasts all day.

How it Works

Curlers that are too hot can dry out your lashes and ones that are too cool don’t get the job done. blinc’s battery-operated curler is different because it heats to the precise temperature to create a lasting curl. A protective contact guard ensures that it is safe to use.

How to Use

Upon first use, take out the AAA battery, remove the plastic wrap, and reinsert. Wait until the LED indicator light changes from red to yellow, meaning that it’s ready to use. Brush slowly upwards and be sure to keep the comb pressed to your lashes for at least three seconds. When you reach the tips of your lashes, gently push the lashes back with the comb and hold for an additional three seconds. Keep repeating until the desired shape is achieved. Don’t forget to turn the curler off after use and to replace the cap.

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