Few beauty lines are rooted in such a personal story. Clark's Botanicals was created after the company's founder, Francesco Clark, had an accident in a swimming pool in June 2002 and suffered a severe spinal-cord injury. He lost the ability to walk, feel, and even sweat, and the latter problem led to complications with his skin--clogged pores and chronic breakouts. When over-the-counter and prescription treatments didn't work, Francesco asked his physician father, Dr. Harold Clark, for help to find a solution. Trained in Western medicine and homeopathy, Dr. Clark worked with his son to create products that were both strong and pure enough to rebalance Francesco's skin. Their research led to highly effective, botanical-centered blends that use jasmine absolute, a near-miracle oil derived from nocturnally blooming flowers. Word of the Clarks' home-grown treatments soon spread to friends, then to friends of friends, and eventually demand prompted Francesco to officially distribute the line as Clark's Botanicals.