Creative director Matt Murphy was on a working holiday in the sea salt capital of the world, Brittany, France, when he first got the idea for Sel Magique. Working from a traditional Breton recipe, Murphy developed a singular mixture of fleur de sel de Guerande and herbes de Provence that complements almost any flavor profile and can be used as both a base for dishes and as a finishing salt. Today, Sel Magique counts numerous high-end chefs and at-home kitchen enthusiasts among its legions of fans.


Appropriately for a brand founded by an accomplished designer, Sel Magique exudes a quiet sophistication, from its understated logo to its intense focus on its signature seasoning. Using premium, natural ingredients, the company has dedicated itself to a single meal-making salt mixture, helping to introduce a centuries-old Breton tradition to contemporary American kitchens.

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The classic blend is produced completely by hand in France each season—from the initial salt collection to the final flavor balance—before being imported to the United States.

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