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The exclusive twistband™ Signature Lace Collection is the perfect way to add the ultra-feminine fabric to your wardrobe.


Birchbox Breakdown

The product that has had the most radical (positive) effect on our beauty regimen isn’t a miracle cream or a long-wearing lipstick. It’s a piece of super soft elastic. Twistbands are a permanent fixture in the Birchbox office—on staffers’ wrists, in their ponytails, and even decorating their water bottles. We’re fans because they keep hair secure without snagging strands or leaving behind ugly creases. (And because they’re cute, of course.) This exclusive set includes 15 of our favorites, from lace to neon varieties, plus three holiday-appropriate headbands.

How it Works

Each twistband™ is made of high-quality elastic that keeps braids, buns, and ponytails secured. The plush hair tie does its job without leaving any crimps, while the skinny headbands stave off dreaded headband headaches. This versatile collection has three metallic headbands and 12 hair ties in a range of hues (including our exclusive Birchbox lace print).

How to Use

Use a twistband™ to secure your favorite hairstyle.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Great value and quality

I love Twistband hairbands and this was a terrific deal. There is a large variety of different style, colors, and patterns in headbands and hair bands. The Birchbox sampler set costs much less than buying a few small sets at Twistband. My 5 year old daughter loves them. So far they seem durable as well as adorable. Definitely recommend.

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I'm a twistbander for life

You know what they say, once you go Twistband you never go back! :) love these! they save my hair from so much breakage and are cute! The value pack is a great savings. This is one of those products birchbox sent me that I had to buy- over and over again.

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Well worth it.

Perfect way to try out the TwistBand product line. They are made of a stretchy material that may not hold as tight as normal ponytails, but that is sort of the point.
I tend toward pretty bad headaches with normal ponytails but I have to have my hair up at work. These are a perfect alternative. They keep my hair up and look rather cute doing it.
The variety of sizes gives the perfect "test-run" if you are a newbie to the brand and the price is reasonable for the amount of "twistbands" you get.

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Lovely hair ties for every occasion!

I'll admit it, I'm a hair accessory addict. But with my long hair? I need serious hair accessories so I can tame the mane!

I really liked the idea behind twistbands, and after looking through all of the collections I thought that this twistband pack had the most value with the coolest variationstuff of colors and different thicknesses and lengths.

I wasn't disappointed! I got a twistband for practically every mood and even some patterns I wouldn't normally have picked that blend seamlessly into my lazy!hair look.

I absolutely love these, they are indispensable for long hair when you want a ponytail or a braid. These add a fun pop of color to my hair and I adore wearing one or two on my wrist when I'm wearing my hair down. It's so easy to wear on your wrist and then gather your hair on the fly, just in case I need to get my hair out of the way.

Triple A+! I'm definitely going to buy another pack for my daughter, long hair styles run in the family!

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Love them.

I'm addicted to these elastic hair bands and headbands. I'm certainly not alone considering how fast they sell. I was excited when this box came back in stock because its a nice array of the different kinds of bands and will do well to match a huge portion of my wardrobe!

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Must buy!

I absolutely LOVE these! I can pull them out without pulling half my hair out! Easy to use and love the colors!

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Twisting the Night away.. and the Day...

Love the colorful, playfull, bands of Beatuy. These Twistbands, do not pull your hair, they go on great, stay on great. and yes,, they are a decorative, festive way to make your hair, and wrist look good. This is another product that my daughters, seem to visit and leave with. The traveling hair bands, I love the sizes, for your pony-tail, to your pig-tails, or the over all hair out of your face. they actually wash well, and keep there colorful look. This was one of the first items I purchased, and everyone loves them.. So Twist it up. and know that your hair will be secure, and stay in place, while you work or play.. You will bring your inner child forward, and enjoy the great colors. have Fun with this. We are...

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Okay product, but overpriced for what it is.

I like this product, I really do. I got one hairband as a sample in a Birchbox and I used it all the time so I decided to order the kit. I really do like these hairbands, but sparkly ones are really the most resistant to stains. Any of the others tend to stain easily and I haven't figured out the best way to clean them while still maintaining their elasticity. I wasn't really a huge fan of all of the neon colors in the kit either, I wish that they gave you more options regarding what ones you received. Additionally, for what the product is it seems fairly overpriced. You can find other brands that seem equal in quality for much cheaper. Overall, yes I like this product very much but I do not think I would spend the money on it again.

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Buy a smaller pack of thicker bands

I found that the plethora of thinner bands included here were basically useless - they stretched out quickly. I would recommend buying the thicker bands only.

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I absolutely love these twist bands!

If I wear any type of headband for too long I get a headache but not these...I would get annoyed that they stretch out but because they stretch a bit I don't get the headaches from long use and the fact they come in all different colors and prints I can put them with anything!

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