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For a nostalgic trip to the summer of ‘96, try the original Campfire Cologne.

Campfire Cologne

Birchbox Breakdown

From the company that raised the bar on manly olfaction comes another tribute to the great outdoors. Like the brand’s flagship fragrance, this scent draws its power from an actual flame, igniting bundles of sage to create a unique, rustic aroma you just can’t get in a vial. Great for dates, first impressions, and focusing your chi.

How it Works

You’ll find no bottles or spritzers here: just two bundles of sage and a sturdy pack of matches. The burning herbs produce a strong, memorable scent, which you can waft over your body for even coverage.

How to Use

After cruising for nearby smoke detectors, light up a bundle of sage. Once the sprig has fully combusted, extinguish the flame, and waft the resulting smoke over your face and body. For best effect, assume a rugged demeanor throughout.

Aromatic woods, gumption

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

all set!

I expected more than just a sage smudge...boooo! I can get this at the local head shop. No thank you.

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Good"cologne substitute" for outdoorsy types

Gave this to my husband as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. It really is just a box of sage, but the idea is pretty cool. We use it to cleanse the air in our house, although it certainly will be a nice smell as a cologne.
There was another scent I wanted to order but it wasn't
available at the time, will try it at a later date.

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