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For a luxurious nighttime routine, clear your face with S.W. Basics Makeup Remover and apply S.W. Basics Cream on your arms and legs before hopping into bed.

S.W. Basics

Birchbox Breakdown

Everyone has a skincare product that’s like a trusted BFF—you know, the one that you rely on every single day. Not to knock your current bestie, but we want to make sure you’ve been introduced to S.W. Basics Cream—the dead simplest lotion we’ve ever laid our eyes (er, hands) on. Because even best friends need updating now and again.

How it Works

Formulated without water (which, when it evaporates, only leaves you feeling dry all over again), parabens, or chemicals, this potent moisturizer uses just three natural ingredients: organic extra-virgin coconut oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil, and wild-harvested shea butter from a fair trade women’s cooperative in Ghana. Real ingredients equal real moisture. (And did we mention it’s noncomedogenic?)

How to Use

Smooth all over your body after stepping out of a warm shower or bath, when your skin is still soft and slightly damp. Since it doesn’t clog pores, you can also use it on your face.

Wildcrafted unrefined shea butter°, Extra-virgin coconut oil*, Extra-virgin olive oil*
°Fair Trade

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I am absolutely in love with this cream. I thought it would be too heavy for my face and clog my pores causing breakouts, but it's done the exact opposite.

My skin is smoother than ever and I've had less breakouts. It's done an amazing job of keeping my skin hydrated this winter.

Highly recommend!!!

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Very similar to another product I've used

The texture and smell is similar to a Hand & Cuticle Slave I've used. The texture is great for hands but I'm not so keen on using it on my body. The jar was MUCH smaller than I had anticpated for the price.

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I love it, just not on my face

I bough. This a while back thinking t would be perfect for a winter face cream instead of my usual face oil, but like the other reviewer stated it is super thick and it sits on skin. Fast forward to a month ago: my feet were feeling the effects of wearing sandals all summer and decided to put this on my feet overnight and my feet have been the softest in a long while. in the past couple of weeks I've been putting it on my arms at night too and waking up with less KP. I will buy again as a night time body cream, but wouldn't suggest using it on your face unless your have skin dryer than a desert!

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Never again

I bought this actually expecting it to be a 'cream'. The actual texture is much more like lip balm, the product is firm, thick and buttery (not creamy) and you have to really dig your fingernails into it to get it out of the pot. Once on your skin it leaves a greasy residue all over your fingers and doesn't sink in at all.

I tried it on my elbows and hours later there was still grease on them and I actually had to wipe off the product with a paper towel. This might be good for people with extremely dry feet but otherwise this is the worst thing I've purchased from Birchbox.

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