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For a detoxifying, metabolism-boosting option, try BijaBody’s Herbal Beauty Tea.


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Pregnancy isn’t exactly known for being a cakewalk. Happily, BijaBody’s mama- and baby-friendly tea makes the process a little bit sweeter. This rooibos blend, made in small batches, works to boost both health and beauty. Its ingredients increase vitamin and mineral absorption, support digestion, calm any queasiness, fortify skin, and reinforce tissue health.

How it Works

An esthetician, a Western doctor, and a master herbalist collaborated on the formulation of this tea, which contains an antioxidant-rich blend of herbs and spices (think mineral-rich rooibos, nourishing turmeric, and nausea-relieving ginger). All ingredients are organic, fair-trade, and/or sourced locally. Each tin makes about 52 cups of tea.

How to Use

Shake well. Steep two to three teaspoons of tea in boiled water for four to five minutes, and drink up. To make another cup, resteep the same leaves, increasing the steep time by a few minutes. Note that the tea is safe to consume during all stages of pregnancy, including breastfeeding.

ginger*, red rasberry leaf*, rooibois*, lemon verbena*, orange peel*, nettle*, strawberry leaf*, dandelion root*, ashwaganda*, rosehips*, burdock root*, cacao nibs*

Ingredients Sourced Organic, Fair-Trade and/or USA Local.


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I gave this to my sister who has just given birth to her second baby. She loves it! It has such a calming effect when the chaos level becomes too high. Internally, it helps her stay balanced.

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i certainly now know what I'll be getting all my pregger friends. Inviting me to baby showers just became a very smart move. These ingredients are outstanding.

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Obsessed with this tea!

Wow, talk about a godsend to us pregnant women out there...I tried everything to cure my nausea from different teas to herbs to essential oils. Then I was introduced to Baby Mama Tea. My nausea was gone within 20 minutes of drinking a cup. And it tasted soooo good! Unlike some other remedies on the market which just taste horrible especially when pregnant. All my pregnant friends are officially sold on this miracle product as well. Thank you Bija Body!!

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