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Brew the perfect cup of tea every time with the dainty Kusmi Tea Paris Infuser.

Kusmi Tea Paris

Birchbox Breakdown

Many people have come forward over the years claiming to be Anastasia Nikolaevna—rumored to be the sole surviving daughter of the Russian Tsar. Unlike those duchess-wannabes, however, this whole leaf tea is the real deal. Inspired by the Grand Duchess, this black tea blend has a refreshing fruity tang and a nice kick of caffeine to perk you up. You’ll be living like royalty—without the pedigree.

How it Works

A premium blend of whole leaf black teas from China and Sri Lanka is peppered with fruity notes of bergamot, lemon, and heady orange blossom. The hermetically sealable metal tin makes for easy storage, ensuring that your leaves stay fresh between each cupful.

How to Use

Scoop 1–2 tablespoons of tea into a paper filter or infuser. Steep in boiling (194 degrees, to be exact) water for 3–4 minutes. Tastes delicious as an iced tea too!

Blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas with scents of bergamot, lemon, lime and orange blossom.

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