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Give your kettle something to sing about with Kusmi’s Rose Green Tea.

Kusmi Tea Paris

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We ensure each cup of tea we brew is fresh and flavorful by shaking loose tea into these perfectly portioned natural tea bags from Kusmi Paris, a brand that infuses nearly a century’s worth of tea-blending expertise into every product they create. It’s a practically perfect gift for the tea-lovers in your life and an essential tool for tea-brewing at home. 100 biodegradable paper filters come packaged in an eye-catching box brightly printed with the Kusmi brand mosaic design.

How it Works

Brewing loose teas in sachets allows the leaves to fully unfurl, better releasing the flavor.

How to Use

Add a scoop of your favorite tea and steep in hot water.

abacá pulp, cellulose, and heat-sealed paper fibre

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Need to see actual product

We really need to be able to see the actual product on this one. I'd like to order these and try them but seeing the box doesn't help much in determining if these are right for me. I need to see the actual tea bags. Thank you! :)

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This was great to enjoy my whole leave tea. Makes it easy when I can't bring my big tea pot with me.

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