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Keep natural and false lashes curled to perfection with JAPONESQUE’s Power Curler.


Birchbox Breakdown

We didn’t think we needed false lashes … until we tried them, that is. (You could say it was love at first blink.) They give our eyes that “pop” that even the best mascara can’t touch. These reusable falsies from makeup artist favorite JAPONESQUE are flared and voluminous, with a touch of the dramatic—perfect for big events or a night out.

How it Works

These full-set lashes feature wispy fibers of varied lengths that flare outwards for a bold, sassy look. A tube of latex-free adhesive is included with the set.

How to Use

After applying your eye makeup, trim the false lashes at the inner corner to fit your eye size (if necessary). Apply glue to the base of the false lashes and wait 10 seconds until the glue becomes tacky. Place the false lashes above your natural lash line and gently hold them in place until set. To reuse, soak in makeup remover to remove excess glue and makeup.

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