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Use Kusmi Tea Paris’ handy Tea Infuser to brew the perfect cup.

Kusmi Tea Paris

Birchbox Breakdown

We’re all adults here—and sometimes, we’re in need of a little somethin’ to get us in the mood for romance. For some women it’s candles and rose petals; for others, it’s discovering that your partner fixed the DVR. If you experience the world through your taste buds, try a cup of this sensory-awakening tea blend. It’ll put you in an amorous state of mind in just a few sips.

How it Works

This mix of black teas comes packed with guarana seed to crank up energy levels, spices to awaken your senses, and licorice root for a slight sugary taste. The result is a spicy-sweet combo that’s about as irresistible as Casanova. Note: contains caffeine.

How to Use

Scoop 1–2 tablespoons into a paper filter or infuser. Steep in boiling water for 3–4 minutes.

Blend of black tea, licorice root, guarana seed, pink peppercorn, and various spices.

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