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This brush works great to smooth and prep strands before you curl your hair. For the easiest salon-grade waves ever, use SARAHPOTEMPA’s The BEACHWAVER™ curling iron.


Birchbox Breakdown

As it turns out, Marcia Brady’s rule of 100 brush strokes a day was overkill—working your strands that much can cause breakage. Had she been in possession of SARAHPOTEMPA’s “Power” Paddle Brush, she’d have achieved hair nirvana much faster. Its thick bristles are strong enough to take on the most difficult of tangles (we know: Driving with the windows down seemed like a good idea at the time) but gentle enough to keep hair looking shiny and healthy. And for an extra boost of confidence, the brush is decked out with inspirational messaging

How it Works

Thick nylon bristles are topped with rubberized balls, which work threefold to improve hair: They prevent snagging, smooth strands, and deliver a mini scalp massage with every stroke.

How to Use

Make it your new handbag essential for use while on the go, or keep it handy in the bathroom for everyday detangling or nighttime brushing. Use in the shower to gently distribute conditioner through your hair.

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love it

I love a good paddle brush. This one is durable and brushes with ease through my very thick hair. Does not get caught up in the tangles and brushes through without damaging my hair.

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Such a Great Gift to Give!

I purchased this for my sisters! I love them both so much & they have always been heroes in my eyes. I wanted to surprise them with tis adorable but powerful styling tool that would remind them everyday that they are amazing!

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I like it, and that's saying a lot with my hair

I'm a natural blonde, so I think as a rule I have very fine, delicate hair. That being said, my hair is about 7 inches past my shoulders and very thick - that's a lot of hair to detangle/brush through.

I definitely CANNOT detangle my hair with this brush after the shower, you know unless I want to rip half of all my hair out of my head. However, this brush is awesome for a blow-out. I generally only blow-dry my hair from the roots to about 5-6 inches down my hair and let the rest air dry, and this is PERFECT for that. The wideness of the brush allows for a really quick dry since a decent amount of hair can be spread apart and brushed through at a time. Plus the little quote on the back is pretty cute.

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Great Brush

My hair is thick, & colored. Since getting it colored it gets tangled very easily, this brush is great for gently untangling and making hair smooth and manageable. A little overpriced but with a coupon or birchbox points it well worth it, if you have tough hair.

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