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Close reading is for English class—not shopping for beauty products. We created this ingredient-conscious collection to save you from squinting at labels. After doing some digging, we learned that the ingredients you’re most concerned about are parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Good news: You won’t find any of those in here! Even better, these best-in-class products rely largely on natural extracts from flowers, fruits, and veggies. Whether you’re a seasoned ingredient sleuth or simply love a new beauty find, our Free for All box is for you.

How it Works

Every product in this collection is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, and GMOs. You’ll find W3LL PEOPLE’s Hypnotist Eyeliner, an all-natural formula that won’t irritate eyes, but will provide velvety, long-lasting pigment. There’s also Karma Organic Spa’s non-toxic Nail Polish Remover, which dissolves stubborn lacquers without harsh ingredients (or harsh fumes) and a roster of other favorites. Store all your new products in our exclusive FEED 10 Pouch. Created by the humanitarian fashion label, this natural burlap bag gives ten school meals to children globally.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

GREAT Deal! Love this Box!

This was my first ever subscription box and it has really set the bar high for products from Birchbox. The box was much larger than I expected and the product samples really substantial in size. My review in order of preference:
1. Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser - I LOVED this cleanser! It's a great cleanser for sensitive fair skin. The product is a pump and the black color was a bit off putting. But, the scent was fresh and it felt great on my face. Wonderful sudsing for an eco product.
2. FEED Pouch - The makeup bag was much more sturdy than I expected. I really love the natural look of it with the decorative blue tassel pull. Plus who couldn't just love the fact that this purchase provided 10 meals!
3. Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum - Loved the packaging of this sample. It's in a heavy duty glass pump bottle. The serum is a white with a thin watery feel. it went on smoothly and absorbed quickly. The smell is fresh and doesn't overbear with my usual moisturizer. I haven't had the opportunity to use this for long, but I'm looking forward to the brightening effect.
4. Eco-Armour Shave with Benefits Shave Foam - Haven't had a chance to use this yet, but I did love the invigorating scent. It would be the perfect AM wake-me-up.
5. Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish Remover - This smells amazing! Never thought I would say that about a nail polish remover. I haven't had a chance to test this out yet, but it was an Allure Editor's Choice.
6. Alima Pure Lip Tint in Rhubarb - This full size lip balm had a surprising chocolate-y scent. It was more silky than I expected and I like the feel of it on my lips. Might purchase this again and will definitely checking the other colors.
7. W3LL People Hypnotist Eyeliner - This full size eyeliner was a great addition. It's a black and nice black color. The pencil will require sharpening. It smudges easily and doesn't seem to set as well as some higher-end products. But still a nice eco version.
8. LOV Organic Tea - I tried one of the teas today, it has a lovely flavor. Subtle and clean. I prefer rooibas tea but this will be a nice addition to my tea collection.

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In Love.

I first reached for the eyeliner. I'm a kohl girl and this made my heart sing.
The lipgloss was a perfect nude color with a great smell.
So far I've only drank the red Beauty tea (which was delicious), can't wait to get around to the others.
I'm currently using the FEED bag as my new make-up bag. I get quite a few compliments!

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Loved knowing I didn't have to check the labels

I've been wanting to go more organic with what goes on my body. Y'all have made it easy! Not only did I not have to worry about the ingredients but I did not have to buy full sized bottles to try and waste if I didn't like them and got a cute make-up bag to boot!

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I'm a sucker for the themed/limited edition boxes. I like to try lots of products for a small price. As far as the individual products, I loved the Shave with Benefits Shave Foam with Mint + Eucalyptus, Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum, Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil, and Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser. I love the cleanser so much I'll probably buy the full sized one when it's all gone.

I didn't love the W3LL PEOPLE Hypnotist Eyeliner and Alima Pure Lip Tint in Rhubarb. The liptint is a weird texture and has a strange smell (chocolate?) that doesn't go with the lipstick texture. The eyeliner was fine. Nothing I'd buy again.

The FEED 10 Pouch and Løv Organic Tea (muslin tea bags in assorted flavors: Løv is Good, Løv is Pure, Løv is Zen, and Løv is Beautiful) are just okay. Not terrible; not great.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed getting this set.

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Love love love

I really loved this box! I wasn't going to buy it, but I had to have the bag, and I ended up loving everything in the box!

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Great products!

After trying all of the products in this box, I cannot pick my favorite. I really love them all and was surprised how long a sample size would last. My skin feels amazingly soft after using the serum and the charcoal cleanser doesn't dry out my skin after washing. Very pleased with this box!

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Wow! Big bang for the buck!

I ordered this because I was really curious to see how good these products are. I've used most of them and they are fantastic. The bag alone is great. I've already ordered a few full size items that were in this bag. More than worth the money I paid!

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I love this package.
I have yet to try all the products in the package but the ones I have tired I have completely fell in love with. I have told my friends to order this. I think I will also order some for some close friends on their birthday. The nail polish remover is a great alternative to the harsh chemical ones. It actually does the job quite well. I am in love with the charcoal cleanser and you can't beat the size of the pouch.

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I have been trying to become more thoughtful when making purchases. This was the perfect way to do that, I didn't even know you could purchase nail polish remover that didn't smell terrible (you can find it in this box!) Also, the foaming shave cream is great for my sensitive skin.

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a lovely gift!

I bought this box for my step mom who likes organic, natural beauty products. She really liked all the products it contained.

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