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For a different foot spa-like experience, use the VOESH New York 3-in-1 Spa Pedicure Collection.

VOESH New York

Birchbox Breakdown

We’re not ashamed to admit that our feet have calluses—and we’re guessing yours probably do too. Stop spending hours scrubbing and sloughing them into submission—we have a much more luxurious solution. These foot mask socks are packed with good-for-you ingredients to tame hard, cracked heels and leave your tootsies soft and moisturized, without all of that scrubbing. The best part? You can leave them on while treating yourself to an at-home pedi.

How it Works

Made of a microthin material, each foot mask is loaded with 16 ml. of vitamin E and collagen. Collagen gives skin structure and a youthful, smooth appearance, while vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents aging and heals damaged skin. The thin outer layer of each sock provides protection against up to 99% of UV rays.

How to Use

Apply socks to clean feet. Rub the toe area of the mask into skin, and then separate the mask at the perforated lines along the toes and remove. Apply polish to your exposed toes while the mask works its magic. Leave them on while your polish dries.

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They were too big to fit around feet to get the full effect of the collagen. Used a thick cream and socks are easier to use.

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Almost perfect

I love the how soft my feet felt after using this product, but I was expecting something a little different - more sock like so that they fit a little bit better.

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Not really socks..

When I read the description, I thought that I was receiving socks with collagen in them. I wasn't expecting ACTUAL fabric, but I was expecting the "sock" to be a bit of a better fit. It is a loose plastic bootie with the collagen inside. The collage works great, but you cannot move once you have put these items on your feet. What I really wanted to do was leave them on overnight but there was no way they would stay on in bed. They did moisturize my feet, but I would not purchase this item again.

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Great Product for Super Dry Feet

I just tried this product for the first time and ADORE it. Easy to use, no offensive smell, and my feed have never been this soft after a home pedicure. I was looking for something similar to the Bodipure products my salon uses. This fit the bill, and the price point. One thing is that these are more like booties than toe socks, and they don't fit snugly. I may put socks on over the boots next time to make sure that my feet get maximum contact with the moisturizers. However, I will be buying these again and recommending them to all my friends.

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