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Gorjana G Ring Set of 5 - Gold - Size 6 Gorjana G Ring Set of 5 - Gold - Size 7

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Complete your look with Gorjana’s G Ring Earrings, which inspired the delicate design of this elegant ring set.


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  • Each ring measures 1/32 in. wide   
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Birchbox Breakdown

While we’re never quick to contradict the inimitable Coco Chanel, we’ve never really been on board with the accessories advice of “take one thing off” before leaving the house. Instead, we say stack ’em high and stack ’em good—especially when it comes to delicate pieces like this set of rings. They’re simple and sophisticated enough to wear every day, but still add some edge to your accessories game thanks to the textured metal finish.

How it Works

Each of these delicate 18 karat gold-plated rings measures 1/32 inch wide.

How to Use

Stack these sophisticated, slim rings on top of each other or wear them across both hands for a funkier vibe.

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