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Fouta Turkish Towel - Ines - Carnation Pink Fouta Turkish Towel - Fatma - Pear Green Fouta Turkish Towel - Ines - Heather Purple Fouta Throw Blanket/Tablecloth - Heather Blue

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Use your fouta as a tablecloth or bath towel when you’re not on vacation.

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Birchbox Breakdown

We all need a quick cover-up every once in awhile, whether you forgot to bring a towel to the shower or an aggressive wave made off with your bikini. Keep your home, your office, and your beach bag stocked with foutas. These lightweight cotton numbers originally hail from Turkish baths and can be used as a sarong, a throw, a tablecloth, a scarf, or a surprisingly absorbent beach and bath towel.

How it Works

Handcrafted in Tunisia, these 100 percent cotton foutas are light enough to be crumpled into a tiny ball in your purse and sturdy enough to be machine-washed. Plus, the airiness of foutas’ natural fibers make them just as absorbent as terry cloth (and a lot prettier). Each fouta measures 72 by 40 inches, is decorated in a traditional striped print, and edged with a jaunty fringe.

How to Use

Pick your favorite pattern, and then toss over the back of a chair, spread on a table, or stash in your beach bag for easy access when you need it.

100% cotton

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Very nice!

Took this with me on a recent trip to Florida. It came in handy as both a cover up and a blanket for my 2 year old. She liked the color and the softness and I loved the way it felt as well. It will definitely become a staple in my travel bag!

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Cute, but not as fucntional as described

I got this in blue for a friend. I definitely see this being used as a blanket or tablecloth, but not as a sarong or a scarf!

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Love my Fouta!

I bought the pink one and I love it! It's perfect for the beach as it folds up small in your bag. The only thing is that these are the waffle-y kind, so it gets a little misshapen after putting it in the dryer. I prefer my other one that's more canvas-y and washes better. Works great as a sarong, too!

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Nice blanket

I use it like a blanket and like that it folds very small and flat- easy for a carry on. The material is sturdy, but a little like canvas. I would be in love with this if it was softer.

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