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French Bull Travel Mug - Poppy French Bull Travel Mug - Ziggy

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If you plan on staying put, savor your morning beverage in French Bull’s Tall Mug.

French Bull

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  • 12-ounces; 3.5-inch diameter; 5-inch height   
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Birchbox Breakdown

As much as we adore our morning cup of joe, we’d rather save up for a down payment on a house or that island-hopping adventure than blow our disposable income at our neighborhood Starbucks. That’s why we love these eco-friendly travel mugs from French Bull. Available in bold, colorful designs, they help us fuel up in style while we’re saving the environment—all for a fraction of the price of a coffee shop latte.

How it Works

The dishwasher- and microwave-safe mugs hold 12 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage. A secure silicone lid keeps liquids from spilling during your commute, while a silicone sleeve adds a slip-proof grip and protects hands.

How to Use

Fill up with your favorite coffee, tea, or other beverage and take it with you to work (or play).

100% porcelain cup, slip-proof silicone sleeve and lid

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Who knew a travel mug could be so cute?

I have two of these travel mugs - in the Ziggy & Florentine. They are just so adorable and great for work. Thanks to these mugs I do not have to drink the super ick coffee at work and then can later enjoy some tea...without having to use the paper cups supplied to us in the office. As stated in another review, the lid does stain (ie, your lipstick) BUT easily washes off. I am tempted to buy a 3rd in the other print available. That is how much I adore these mugs!

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Can't wait till it gets cold

Right now it is a hundred and eight degrees will not be drinking from the mug yet. But I love the look of the mug.

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makes me smile!

The colorful design of this mug makes me smile and I love that it's microwave safe. I'm drinking a lot more tea at work now, which is a good thing! The lid shows residue quickly, but since it washes easily, no big deal.

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Beautiful in person

Yes, the cup is as pretty in person. Most impressively, the printed pattern is matched extremely well on the cup so you can't tell where it starts and ends. The only thing that would make it better is if the lid was plastic instead of silicon. I just prefer a firmer lid.

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Love that it's dishwasher & microwave safe! Happy colors....lip texture takes some getting used to but glad I used my points for this!

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