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To keep hair healthy, use a hydrating treatment like amika’s Obliphica Nourishing Mask once a week.


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Talk about a force to be reckoned with. This hair dryer has all the makings of a powerful partner in your fight against dry, damaged hair. By utilizing negative ion technology, it emits negatively charged air to beat frizz and give you sleek locks. Weighing in at only 13.6 oz. (that’s less than a pound!) and designed to keep noise to a minimum, it makes styling a (very quiet) breeze.

How it Works

Thanks to a hearty 1875-watt AC professional motor, the dryer whisks away water 70 percent faster than most models. The powerful tool emits over one million ions per minute on either setting, but its ceramic- and tourmaline-infused elements save strands from heat damage. And with three temperature settings and two speeds, shiny strands can be had by all hair types and lengths.

How to Use

Towel-dry hair, and spritz with a volumizing, heat-protective spray. Blow dry locks with a medium-sized round brush. Use the dryer’s cool blast to set and lock your style.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Money well spent!

I was hesitant to spend so much money on a hair dryer but boy was I glad I did! This hair dryer is quiet but very effective. I even use it to dry my three-year old daughter's very fine hair. Compared to a store-bought product I used to dry my daughter's hair, this hair dryer really doesn't damage her fragile hair. I plan to also purchase the travel size in the future so I can have this amazing product with us when we go on a road trip.

The only minor downside of this hair dryer is that the switches are right in the place where it's easy to press with your thumb by mistake when you are using the product. But all in all, a great find!

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I was very hesitant to spend so much on a hair dryer at first, but I decided to go for it since I know amika to be a reliable brand. I love this dryer!! It is surprisingly small and lightweight, but extremely powerful. Three settings for heat and number three gets very hot! I love this dryer, very happy that I invested in it..but it right and you'll only have to buy it once!

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Good for coarse hair, not good for fine

I would give this dryer 5 stars if it worked for me. It didn't, but I think it would be a perfect dryer for someone with coarser hair. My hair is long and very fine, and it made it so glossy and soft, very healthy looking, but it seemed to remove all volume. I'm going to try the Power Cloud Repair and Smooth for the positive ion button. Sad, since this one is light, really cute flower pattern, and the plastic is velvety soft somehow.

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Love it!

This dryer is so light. I'm not great at styling my hair, but this dryer is to light I can totally switch it back and forth between hands and my round brush without a struggle. I was also worried that it wasn't working because it was so quiet and the hair flow felt so gentle. This just resulted in my hair drying faster with less tangles. No post blow dry frizz (Or what I use to like to call "Volume"). Hair feels like fresh, clean hair after. Love this dryer. Plus it looks cool. My husband saw it sitting on the counter and felt the need to come tell me that it looked awesome. Lightweight, dries hair fast and frizz free, and looks cool.

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FANTASTIC dryer. It's so light and quiet yet powerful

This is the perfect dryer... FINALLY! It's large size so it works the BEST, but travels well bc it's so light and the cord ties so much better than any other hairdryer I've used in the past. It's VERY easy to travel with. Additionally, the heat blows quietly and softly (not sure exactly how to describe this feature), but really gets in there and dries it well. It doesn't just blow your hair everywhere from the force. It does a very nice job in all categories. And it's a cute feminine floral print. Oh! one last thing, the material on the outside is almost a rubbery substance so it is easy on your hands and doesn't get too hot.

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