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Treat damaged strands with Keratherapy’s Keratin Infused Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.


Birchbox Breakdown

Frequent frizz fighters, meet Keratherapy. In addition to its cult-favorite keratin-based products, the Miami hair care brand also offers key tools—like this nanotechnology-powered curling brush, which turns unruly curls into sleek, shiny locks. Think of it as your strand-smoothing secret weapon.

How it Works

Negative ions work to smooth damaged cuticles, while heat indicating bands let you know when the brush is at the optimum hair-styling heat. The brush’s square shape and non-slip rubber grip make the styling process a cinch. And the pick at the end can be used to section your hair into parts.

How to Use

Use this brush-and-hair-dryer combo to finish your look, whether you want to go wavy or stick straight.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Love the brush, hate the handle

Overall I love this brush. It makes it super easy to get my long hair smooth as silk with as much or as little of a wave or curl at the ends that I want. This brush would get 5 stars if not for the handle. That little silver ring you see in the picture snarls my hair if I'm not careful. This means that I can only do small sections of hair at a time. This brush would probably be better for someone with shorter hair who might have fewer issues with tangling.

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Nearly Perfect

I was a bit skeptic when I bought this brush. Originally, I thought that it was self heating, etc. Sadly, it's not (that would be lovely), but it is a fantastic blow-dry brush. I have insanely curly, thick, and frizzy hair (a few inches past shoulder). My typical straightening routine is blow-dry with comb, then blow-dry with brush, then either flat-iron or curling-iron straight.

While this brush did not leave my difficult to tame mane perfectly straight, it did result in a straighter blow-dry than I have ever gotten before and with significantly less effort. I could see the indicator bands change as I did my hair and enjoyed the square shape of the brush (all of my previous brushes have been round).

The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is that the bristles did not stay perfect under the heat but instead melted a small amount (like most similar brushes do). Despite that, I am purchasing 3 more - two for gifts and a back up for me. This brush is fantastic.

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Only for long hair

I thought I was getting a brush that would work with short to medium length hair but this one is meant for real hair as in the hair to the bottom of your hips. It does seem to have a very quick drying time so I will keep on growing my hair and/or find one of their smaller brushes.

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Best Brush Ever

My friend had this brush and I used it...I had to buy it! I made blowing out my hair so easy and fast!

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Not worth the price

I am no master of a blow out, but this brush did nothing for me. It gets stuck in my hair, pulls and really doesn't do more than a cheap brush from Target. Overall its been fine and helps be blow dry but it was not worth even half of what I paid.

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