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If you’re looking for even more lift, try the Spornette Little Wonder to tease hair from the root. Then finish with the round brush.

Spornette International

Birchbox Breakdown

It’s safe to say that the company that makes more than 150 brush styles knows a thing or two about hair. And this one helps to easily style longer locks. The boar bristles put hairs in their place while the nylon bristles curl them in the direction of your choice. Brushing evenly distributes natural hair oils and removes unwanted dead strands from the scalp.

How it Works

Flexible nylon and boar bristles create just enough tension to effectively catch and hold hair while styling with a dryer. The negative ions from the ceramic and tourmaline make for faster drying while sealing in moisture, and the wooden handle has a comfy rubber grip for easy, goof-proof use.

How to Use

Starting at the root, wrap a small section of hair fully around the barrel and hold a blow dryer a few inches from the brush. Gently pull the brush through your hair as you continue to roll it back up to the root. Do this on all sections of your hair until it’s fully dry. The 3-in. diameter is ideal for styling longer hair. Note: Be extra careful when the ceramic heats up under the dryer.

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