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Brew the Harney & Sons Caribe blend for a tropical Caribbean-inspired escape.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

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It’s far too often that quantity is indirectly correlated to quality. Not so with Harney & Sons—more than 30 years old and three generations strong, the company has always been committed to preserving founder John Harney’s tradition of fine tea. Even as they’ve grown from their original six teas to more than 300, the renowned tea brand’s dedication to its craft has never waivered. We’ll drink to that.

How it Works

This caffeine-free blend mixes rooibos from South Africa with sweet Indian spices of clove, cardamom, and cinnamon—the result is a light-bodied comforting brew with earthy, spicy flavors and a hint of nuttiness.

How to Use

Steep sachet in boiling water according to directions.

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Recommend this tea for a rainy summer day curled up in front of a window watching the storm brew outside. The aroma is tantalizing, the flavor spicy and warm; overall a great brew

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Must. Have. More.

I bought this primarily for my hubby, since he loves the flavor of chai but prefers decaf beverages. He enjoys it, but I *love* it. Rooibos and chai are great pals- mellowing each others' stronger qualities and creating a happy balance. Bonus: individually wrapped bags make for easy travel if you like to bring along your favorites on vacation.

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Harney & Sons do tea right

This Rooibos Chai tea is great to wind down with at the end of a long day. I love that the tea stays in the teabag and therefore no tea leaves are floating in my tea. The flavor is a sweet cinnamon and I love that it is caffeine free!

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a delicious combination! plus caffeiene free

I am personally a huge fan of Rooibos and Chai tea (especially the latter), so naturally I am attracted to this flavor. Its spicy yet subtle with hints of cinnamon.
I also love tea's that you can add milk to, and those that are caffeine-free (I love sipping tea in the evening time), so naturally I went to try this one!
Its absolutely delicious, I recommend soy milk and maybe some honey / sweetener!
Harney and Sons never disappoint.

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Great herbal chai

I really like Harney & Sons teas, and I also like chai teas, so I was really excited about this. My favorite part is that I can drink it before bed for something different than the usual chamomile or bedtime blend since it's caffeine free. You have to like the flavor of rooibos teas (which I do) or you won't enjoy this, though. The rooibos flavor really comes through strongly. Great tea, though, and I loved that the bags were individually wrapped (all of the other H&S teas I have bought were in unwrapped sachets in tins). Definitely would recommend these for tea lovers.

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