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No teapot? No problem. Sip your freshly brewed cup from BijaBody’s glass tumbler.


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Back in the day, we thought of tea as something that tasted good and warmed us up or cooled us down accordingly. Now we realize how much more it can do. This loose leaf tea blend supports beauty from the inside out, detoxifying, brightening skin, boosting energy, and improving your metabolism.

How it Works

Mineral-rich organic loose-leaf rooibos tea gets help from turmeric, strawberry leaf, orange peel, and other herbs and spices that promote collagen production and a healthy metabolism. The energy boost you feel comes from lemongrass, not caffeine.

How to Use

Shake the tea tin well before brewing two to three teaspoons of leaves. Let leaves steep for four to five minutes. Feel free to reuse the leaves up to three times.

ginger*, rooibos*, lemon grass*, orange peel*, strawberry leaf*, tulsi (holy basil)*, nettle*, gotu kola*, red raspberry leaf*, ashwagand*, rosehips*, astragalus*, burdock*, cacao nibs*, turmeric*

Ingredients Sourced Organic, Fair-Trade and/or USA Local.


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