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bkr Glass Water Bottle - 32 oz - Moto bkr Glass Water Bottle - 32 oz - Tutu

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For a travel-friendly take on this simple design, pick up a 16 oz. bkr bottle.


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  • 32 oz / 3.75 inches wide, 10 inches tall   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Minimalism is based on a single guiding principle: That simplicity and beauty are often one and the same. These glass-made vessels embrace that notion on every level, offering a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to disposable bottles and BPA-heavy plastics. Best of all, a portion of each sale goes to charities like the Obakki Foundation, which brings the gift of clean water wherever it’s needed most.

How it Works

Made with simple glass and food-grade silicone, these bottles are a welcome departure from the excesses of a disposable world. A 1.25’’ opening enables spill-free sipping, while a range of brilliant colors lets you rep your personal style.

How to Use

Keep this heavyweight hydrator on your desk or nightstand as your own personal water well, and a constant reminder that less is more.

glass bottle + silicone sleeve, food grade polypropylene cap + silicone gasket

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Great Fun Way to stay Hydrated

Just ordered my first 1L with Birchbox, but I already have a collection of 500ml from various sources . Love this product, it's fun and functional. ( and the colored bottles are easier to find in the chaos I call a home.) I use mine to store cold and hot water ( I only fill with H2O ). and Have discovered the following 3 key things:1. Cold beverages will still sweat out the bottom so use a coaster. 2. steam from hot water will pick up plastic from the lid during condensation - so vent the hot drinks as long as possible. 3. the silicon sleeve can pick up odors and color so wash it with soapy water every now and then.

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I have the 16 oz bottle and quickly fell in love with it and wanted to also have the larger 32 oz as well. It was sold out on the bkr site and others as well, and was surprised that I could find it on Birchbox. What's better is that I used some points for it and got it for less. The tutu color really looks like the color of a ballerina's tutu, a very soft pink.

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Favorite water bottle!

As an avid water drinker, I have gone through my fair share of water bottles to find one that I like. Plastics always start to taste funny, metal ones taste funny from the beginning, it's hard to find the best opening, etc. This water bottle is perfect in every way. The opening is a good size to drink from on the go and the glass is great. The silicon REALLY protects the glass. I have dropped this bottle and it bounced right back up. The silicon is difficult to get on and off but I want it to be because I don't want it slipping around. I carry this around with me everywhere so, like I said before, it's perfect on the go. I agree with one of the other reviews that the bottle is difficult to clean, but I just stink mine (after removing the silicon) in the dishwasher in a tight spot so it stays opening downward, and I think it gets perfectly clean.I would recommend this water bottle to anyone.

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want them all

I love these bottles so much, I would like to save up and buy a set of a large and couple small for each family member in their color.

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I love the concept of a glass bottle, and I really REALLY wanted to love this but it falls short in several aspects. 1. It's heavy so this is not for someone who walks around all day and doesn't sit at a desk. 2. normal water bottle brushes don't fit in the narrow opening for cleaning, and although it is dishwasher safe, I have to wonder how much of that actually cleans the inside of the bottle. 3. if you take the silicone off, it is obviously a little difficult to get it back on.
I'd still consider buying the 8oz bottle, but it really peeves me that I have to buy their specific cleaning brush from the website.

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Pricey, but wonderful

First of all, I think these bottles are over priced. I found this product due to an instagram post by BirchBox and immediately read all the FAQ on the mybkr website. I was sold, until I saw the price. Then I remembered my BirchBox points and was able to grab a 32oz bottle in tutu for a sweet discount. My first reaction was, "oh my, this bottle is big!" After using this for about 5 days now, I love it. It's pretty (and everyone comments that it's pretty), the handle is super convenient, the mouth piece really is the perfect size, and, best of all, I've gone from not drinking any water in a day to drinking nearly two of these per day. I still think the price is too high, but I'll be buying a small one (with birchbox points) for on the go.

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