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bkr Glass Water Bottle Heart - Kvetch/Pink bkr Glass Water Bottle Heart - LBD bkr Glass Water Bottle Heart - Milk

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It’s great for keeping drinks chilled, but don’t put your bkr in the freezer! Too-cold temps can shatter the glass.


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Birchbox Breakdown

We’re always trying to stay hydrated, and we’ve bought our share of plastic water bottles (and flooded a few purses along the way). But this leak-proof glass bottle is not only less wasteful than the one-off kind, its cheerful silicone sleeve adds a splash of fun to your ensemble. That’s probably why Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde, and a host of other celebs have picked up one of their own. And you’re not limited to sipping water: As the graphic print hints, you can fill this bottle with whatever your heart desires.

How it Works

The glass is chemically inert, meaning that, unlike some plastics, it won’t react with, change, or retain an aftertaste of whatever you put in it. It’s also free of BPA and phthalates, two chemicals tied to health risks, to keep every sip safe. Your beverage of choice stays insulated and is easy to grip thanks to the silicone shell, which comes in a range of colors. When your bottle needs a refresh, both components are dishwasher safe. And when it’s ready to retire, they’re 100 percent recyclable.

How to Use

Fill your bottle with water—or juice, almond milk, iced coffee, wine. Enjoy, then tighten the cap and take the rest to go.

Glass (bottle), silicone (sleeve), polypropylene (cap)

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Bkr glass bottle with heart

I use this bottle in my gym class every morning, I have received so many compliments on it...this would make a great gift for anyone!

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Love love these bottles

Color isn't the same when you get it it's tan with a pink heart. I actually like it more. This is my second battle plan on buying the bigger ones next. Love love these water keeps it's natural taste love it!

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