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Illume BOHOS DEMI - Desert Tulip   Illume BOHOS DEMI - Anemone Illume BOHOS DEMI - Blue Coral Illume BOHOS DEMI - Driftwood Sage

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If you enjoy these scents, you’ll want to try Illume’s new Lavish Hand Cremes.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Breathe in, breathe out… We’ve been reading about the benefits of meditation, and thanks to these scented candles from Illume, we’re especially happy to take a time-out to quiet our mind. The candles, made from high-quality paraffin, will add a splash of color to any room and fill it with the fragrance of your choice: Desert Tulip, Anemone, Blue Coral, or Driftwood Sage. We’re already feeling more relaxed.

How it Works

Each demi candle comes in a glass jar decorated with brightly colored geometric designs and burns for up to 20 hours. Available in four lovely scents, these candles will make your home welcoming and fragrant. Choose Desert Tulip for an exotic blend of raspberry, mandarin, and musk with floral accents. If you prefer a fruitier scent, you’ll like Anemone, which features apple, clove, and patchouli. Blue Coral is an ocean-inspired blend of lemon leaf, vetiver, and coriander accented by sea salt, while Driftwood Sage offers blue sage blended with wild lavender and eucalyptus.

How to Use

Cluster candles in twos and threes throughout your living room or bedroom, and light when you’re ready to destress. (Don’t forget to snuff the flames before you fall asleep!)

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Random purchase.

Glad I decided to pick a random candle for purchase. I like Blue Coral and driftwood sage. The candles have a delicate scented smell and remind me of Spring and summer.

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Love the Glass

Love the candle glass, it is adorable. I am not particularly fond of the smell of the candle. is very cute but would not buy again.

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Smelled ok, burned out quickly

I was really excited to try my Illume candle after reading all of the reviews, but I ended up being just a little disappointed. I purchased the desert tulip scent, which was ok, kind of perfumey, but I was really surprised when it burned out in a little over a week. It's an ok candle, but small for the price, and didn't live up to my expectations.

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Smell the Meditation

Big Fan of Candles. Driftwood sage was absolutely wonderful and permeates throughout the room even when not lit ! Would have liked the design to be hand painted rather than imprinted but the quality of the candle makes up for it.

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