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Illume Large Harlow - Balsam & Cedar Illume Large Harlow - Gilded Amberleaf Illume Large Harlow - Mulled Wine Illume Large Harlow - Woodfire

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Light the candle with Illume’s stylish Oversized Matches.

Birchbox Breakdown

One sniff of these festive candles from Illume and we can’t help but conjure up images of cozy fireplaces and spicy cocktails. And their gorgeous glass jars alone are reason enough to choose them over regular ol’ candles. Adorned with golden accents, these keepsakes are limited edition, so you may want to stock up now and save a few for next year.

How it Works

These limited-edition Harlow Jar candles come in four seasonal fragrances. Balsam & Cedar is infused with oak moss, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. Gilded Amberleaf combines notes of mandarin, vetiver, vanilla, amber, and tobacco. Mulled Wine smells just as its name suggests, while Woodfire recreates the scent of smoke and cedarwood tempered by patchouli and vanilla.

How to Use

Remove the polished gold lid and light your candle for up to 70 hours of fragrant bliss.

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