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Izola Pocket Knife - Accuracy is Everything Izola Pocket Knife - Be Brave and True

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For another sharp update on an everyday product, check out the Izola Letter Opener, which doubles as a ruler.


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Birchbox Breakdown

If you’re a man over the age of twelve, you’ve likely received a pocketknife for your birthday, packed with all the bells, whistles, and flimsy plastic toothpicks you could ever want but never find a use for. This rugged alternative keeps things nice and simple: just a blade, corkscrew, bottle opener, can opener, and Phillips-head, all in a refined, stainless steel casing the size of your middle finger.

How it Works

The pocketknife’s stainless steel body gives it considerable heft, while an impassioned engraving, either “Be Brave/And True” or “Accuracy is Everything,” offers stoic motivation.

How to Use

Attach this pocketknife to anything from your keys to your cooler. Perfect for camping, weekend projects, or a lean and simple go-bag.

100% stainless steel

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I liked this product. It was a little nicer than the usual Swiss Army line, and I mean nicer in the sense of "visual presence". I've used everything on it, and the only issue I've had was that it was a little tight on space to use the bottle opener- but outside of that it was great. I've gotten a lot of comments about it. Great little gemstone, and the etching was the cherry on top.

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