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Beginners should turn to the JAPONESQUE® Complete Lash Kit for all the tools necessary to get pro-quality results.


Birchbox Breakdown

False lashes aren’t just the domain of pageant queens and Katy Perry. These long, swooping lashes from JAPONESQUE® are a shortcut to a dramatic—yet natural—look. They’re made with tons of wispy fibers of different lengths that mimic real lashes, so we can draw attention to ourselves in all the right ways.

How it Works

These synthetic, handcrafted lashes are a favorite of makeup artists for their curve and eye-opening length. Each set comes with a tube of latex-free glue that’s safe for sensitive skin.

How to Use

Lift the lashes from the package, and trim to fit your eyes. Apply glue to the base, and wait a few seconds for it to turn tacky. With your eye closed, hold the lash above your natural lashline, and press gently. Optional: Add a coat of mascara to blend your real and fake lashes together.

synthetic lashes; latex-free adhesive

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