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Birchbox Breakdown

The evenings we’d like to pop open a bottle of Champagne and celebrate good news (or cheer away bad) far outnumber the mornings we’d like to deal with that particularly miserable post-bubbly headache. Luckily, we can opt to light this cheerful candle instead: Its effervescent scent infuses any room with a hint of celebration, its rose gold vessel is as sparklingly lovely as a champagne flute—and we’ll wake up the next morning feeling just fine.

How it Works

Notes of Champagne, pink grapefruit, raspberry, rose petals, crushed rage, crisp mint, and other fresh botanicals make this fragrance as fizzily refreshing as a glass of your favorite bubbly. The candle lasts for 40 hours of burn time—so it’ll see you through plenty of celebrations.

How to Use

Remove the candle from the outer packaging before lighting on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials. For optimal results, trim the wick before each use and burn no longer than two to three hours at a time.

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