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Want SPF protection without the tint? Try Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

Birchbox Breakdown

If you’ve ever been guilty of stealing your significant other’s face creams, you’re in good company (consider Breaking Bad’s Walter White in the show’s final season). But it’s time to step up and get your own—like this made-for-men blemish balm that evens complexion, has built-in SPF protection, and gives your skin a subtle glow. Yes, you can pull off tinted moisturizer.

How it Works

Not only does this BB cream smooth imperfections, it also evens out skin tone, refines pores, and diminishes wrinkles and sagging skin. The universal shade adjusts to all skin tones.

How to Use

After washing your face, dab onto cheeks and forehead and blend. Apply sparingly to avoid a caked-on effect—and use daily to reap the full benefits.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

First time

I found out about this product from one of Birchbox's videos, and I was skeptical at first. Being latino and dark skinned, I wondered if it could help me. (the limited sunlight and cold of winter would make my skin blotchy , dry and lighter than usual) And indeed, it did. It's the closest thing to make-up I will EVER use, but it's definitely a permanant part of my grooming kit.

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Smooth looks.

I got this product to help cover the dark circles under my eyes. I saw the product demo video and gave it a try. I like this product. It does not have a heavy feel and my face does not look shiny afterward. As to the tinted aspect of this it takes a bit of practice to get the coverage just right. Maybe a brush will help with the blending. As spring approaches and I get more sun I'll see how it well it can match my skin tone.

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Great, almost perfect.

This is a great moisturizer , that really does provide an evening effect to your skin.

Pros: spreads great with a wonderful texture. I have experienced no stains or marks on polos or button down shirts. Really does even the appearance of skin tone without looking at all "makeup-ey". Really feels moisturizing and it did not take much effort to rub in evenly. No streaks or lines.

Cons: The product stings a little bit putting it on the first time, but I really can't fault the product for that, as my skin is very sensitive to anything with an SPF. I did have to take the star for the overpowering sunscreen smell. It did not fade for quite a while.

Overall, great product! Does exactly what it promises, with a bit of sunscreen smell that lingers. I recommend.

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Great product

I had heard about BB cream from a view friends and ordered this product as soon as I saw it. It blends perfectly with my skin tone and is still a great moisturizer! The only down side is the price, when I realized my friends had only paid around $15 for theirs I was a little disappointed.

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BB Cream Enthusiast

I had the pleasure of trying this product over a year ago and fell in love immediately. From the smooth texture to the way it perfectly matched my skin tone, I've been using it ever since. All guys should be using it (I know I've had a chance to introduce this to friends and they've now been converted!).

Also, the fact that it has SPF is a no-brainer as well.

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