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Call us superficial but this full-size product comes in a box that's too pretty to throw away — as befits a product inspired by Andy Warhol.

Birchbox Breakdown

Even the most color-shy can warm up to this flattering pink raspberry hue. This lip gloss has the soul of a lipstick. The richly pigmented formula is long-lasting without feeling gluey, and leaves a pretty stain even after the shine has worn off.

How it Works

Vitamin E gives it a creamy texture, while marine filling spheres (a popular plumper) add a uniform, glass-like shine. 

How to Use

Twist the tube until the color starts to peek out the top of the brush, then paint on, following the contours of your lips. Though you don't need a supersteady hand, the brush makes it easy to accentuate your lip shape. For days when you want less pop, this color is a great base under a light neutral or pinky coat of gloss. 

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