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Keep the rest of your complexion even with the help of IT Cosmetics® Bye Bye Under Eye.

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What White-Out does for typos, Bye Bye Redness™ does for, well, just about any complexion mishap. The neutralizing formula camouflages redness from rosacea, scarring, blemishes, sun damage, and much more. Hydrating and easy to blend, this concealer also contains antiaging peptides and collagen that repair skin.

How it Works

This correcting cream counteracts redness and evens out skin tone. The formula blends easily and lasts all day, making it a star addition to your regular product lineup.

How to Use

Apply directly to trouble areas and blemishes with your ring finger, or use a buffing brush for fuller coverage. Wear alone in conjunction with your favorite foundation.

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does what it says

perfectly covers redness without being cakey. I use it around my nose and on my cheeks. It completely covers any redness and it lasts for a long time, especially when using a setting powder.
Will repurchase it when I run out, but that will take a while since the stuff is super efficient.

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Takes some experimenting, but worth it!

Yes, it's tinted (and dark!). Yes it's thick. And if not applied properly it can totally look cakey! I have had redness through my T-zone my entire life. Not from acne or rosacea, I'm just colored that way and it's HORRIBLE! People constantly ask me where I got the sunburn in the middle of winter, or tell me I should be wearing sunscreen, etc. It's pretty obnoxious. So I've tried just about every redness corrector out there and this one is by far the best even though it doesn't even come close to matching my skin-tone. So here's how I got it to work for me...
First, I bought my first one from Ulta and the sales person there told me I'd need to experiment. That was helpful, so I didn't end up just returning it right off when it didn't look great! So I went into it with an open mind and tried several combinations; using it as foundation, using it as primer/concealer under foundation, using it with mineral foundation vs liquid foundation, etc. I tried different applicators too, foundation brush, sponge, fingers ... ultimately I landed on this routine.
First, primer. I use tarte, but whatever you like I'm sure. Then I use liquid foundation. I have Make-up Forever and IT Cosmetics, but have also used it with samples of BB creams and a few others as well, doesn't seem to matter which one. Once I have my primer and a fairly light coat of foundation on I dip my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush into the pot and wipe most of the cream back into it on the edge. I very gently and lightly stipple around my red areas. Not trying to cover at this point, just depositing the make-up where I'm going to want to blend it. Again LIGHTLY. I'm fair-skinned and as I mentioned this does NOT match my skin tone, but it can still work with light use and blending. So I let the make-up sit for just a few moments. Usually I plan out my eyeshadow for a minute or two while it sets and becomes a little less liquid. Then I take that same brush and stipple stipple stipple. Pushing the make up in and around and blending blending blending. Depending on what I'm wearing I've even been known to cover my chest with it. Really red girl here! It will still be a bit darker than I'd like. I imagine this will be great in the summer, but in the winter it's kind of a pain. Once I have it well-blended I finish the rest of my make-up and top it off with powder. I have their bye-bye pores, and also use Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder. Since these are both 'white' translucent powders they help with the darkness of the make-up. I finish with a spray of Urban Decay setting spray. Believe it or not after all that I do NOT feel cakey at all. My skin doesn't look it either, nor do I look totally 'made-up'. I keep the rest of my make-up pretty subtle. I just want my skin to look clear and even and NOT red! This stuff manages it. It sounds like it takes a long time, but I spend about 15 minutes total doing my make-up every morning.
So experiment a little, this product is totally worth it! However if they ever come out with a lighter version I'll be the first in line! I took one star off just for the darkness of it.

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This product works better than anything else I've tried. It really takes the red out of my skin. And lasts a long time. Love it!

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Worked but terrible color

It worked on covering up the redness on my face, however, it was a dark shade which, on my light skin, looked terrible. It made me look like I had splotches and uneven skin tone or just had a really bad tan! No matter how little I used you were still able to tell. I was very sad that this product did not come in a lighter shade.

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Goopy, but it works

I thought this concealer would be more of a paste consistency than a liquid, but it's very runny. That said, it does cover my redness. It'd pretty expensive and I kind of need to use a lot. I might try something else next time.

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Good, but some issues

The fact that this only comes in one shade is going to be a problem for some people. Currently, this product is a touch too dark for my fair skin. I decided to try it as a foundation, regardless, and was extremely unhappy with the results. It oxidized significantly after about an hour of wear, and I was unhappy with how it looked. My redness and uneven skin tone may not have been an issue, but my skin was also unnaturally orange. I then decided to just use this just on my red areas before foundation. I liked it a LOT better when applied this way, but I felt like it made my foundation look cakey, and it doesn't build well with any extra products. Bottom line is that I think it covers redness extremely, but I am still struggling with how to use this product for my particular skin.

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Good Product!

This product seems to do the trick! I have a few acne scars it covers well, although it seems to have a slight greasyness to it, but all in all i am happy with my purchase! i use this along with my foundation, works good together. i tried applying this to a couple bug bite scars on my leg and seem to have a orange/real peachy color, but probably cause i have super white legs!!! but more importantly it does the job pretty well on my face which is what i mainly purchased this product for! and for a little jar it really seems to go along ways, which is great!!!

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I'm a regular user

I've always had problems with slightly red cheeks. before this, I'd apply my normal primer, foundation and it would look great for a few hours and then midday my redness would show through. Since I started using this product, I no longer have this issue. A little goes a long ways. I put it only on the red areas and blend. It blends nicely into my light/medium skin tone and is very light feeling. This will forever be in my beauty routine.

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Works well for this rosacea sufferer

I have very fair skin and dry rosacea, and on top of that, I'm past 40. I'm always skeptical about correcting cream because it rarely works to camouflage my redness, but this worked like a charm. It's light and doesn't cake on my face; nor does it dry out my skin and cause flaking or irritation. The best thing about it is that a tiny amount goes a long way, and I only have to dab a bit on to see big results. I really recommend this.

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Love this!!

I was a little worried about this product at first because it's only available in in one shade. This stuff is great! I wouldn't even call it a foundation, it's like an all in one product. No need for concealer, it's long-lasting even without powdering, and it keeps my skin super moisturized. I'll certainly repurchase this product when I run out.

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